In some of the other ways, buildings that we make under construction are counterparts to the ruins. The ruins remind people of the vanity of all the things that are built by the humans themselves, construction gives us hope even though it appears to be tinged with a sense that the buildings just like us would grow up like something thereby casting the other choices aside.

There goes the glory of our possibilities when it comes to the beauty of every element that we put before you. Our architects are appealed towards construction, herein lies the beauty. Piling up the blocks upon one another, putting Legos through paces, makes people ready for the real one to come forth, appears no less than panels that seem to rise towards heaven.

Every construction works are legally documented and processed. We do take legal advice before starting any construction. Chitra Groups are the best constructions in Bangalore.

We do architecture, civil engineering services, elevation, landscapes, Building renovations.

Customers would be able to carry out trades and business smoothly with the spaces that Chitra Groups offer. We provide one-step solutions for all your construction requirements.

We build buildings that will enhance both environment and the building. Chitra Groups have the best and professional constructions team to build a innovative and professional building. We offer services, keeping in mind the expectations and requirements of the clients.

Chitra Groups are of an exclusive man power team having a professional and dedicating motive for the services. We also focus more on the quality of the materials and machines that will be used for the constructions. We give warranty for the structure and the materials used.

What We Do



At Chitra Groups, the structures we build, have got a great aesthetic appeal that is being simultaneously driven by the constructing considerations. A good design arises from one’s engineering creativity that also satisfies the requirements of both economy or efficiency.


Civil Structural

It is not about designing marvels but more about designing objects that are to be built physically. Here, you would see our designs come to lives from papers to real deals. It takes a lot of effort in constructing something tangible that also contributes to society wholly.


Engineering Services

This type of service refers to creative work or adequate performance by one that involves consultation, investigation, planning, or design of works or systems. This basically includes our industrial projects that are curated with care by none other than our team of engineers.



We believe in preparing elevation for your construction for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we begin with creating records, communication of construction information is required, and lastly to explore both interiors as well as exterior designs.



We use landscape gardening for enhancing nature, creating natural settings for either buildings or towns along with the cities. It is basically allied to horticulture, architecture, or planning.


Building Renovation

Our refurbishments would create greater space, result in energy reduction and preserve the building while maintaining the modern technical standards. There are a number of reasons for getting a renovation done, among which the factors of utmost importance are enhancement of the indoor climate as well as living comfort.

What We Build


Connect with us today to get the best residentials in the heart of Bangalore.


We too offer spaces that are to be used for Industrial purposes.


You would be able to carry out trades or businesses smoothly with the spaces that we would offer!


From low-rise till the sky-highs we have got it all covered just for you!

Chitra Groups Builds Your Dream Projects With Us